Eve the Mountaineer

I read that Eve Carson climbed most of the way up a nearly 20k foot Volcano Cotopaxi in Ecuador before being turned back by the elements a decade ago. Such amazing courage!

One of my concerns is that whenever a person might type in the name Eve Carson her photos and the terrible evil that took her from her family and friends pops up on the search engines,. I have a problem with evil winning.  By this I mean why doesn’t the wonderful things Eve Carson accomplished in her life pop up as headlines when you type in her name.   I debated this in my own mind for over a year and finally realized, that’s the way it is and I couldn’t change it.  Well, I was wrong on several matters.  I completely missed the point.


Why do we honor others?

Why do we honor others? I have contemplated this question for a couple of years now. I have tried to dissect this question to the point of giving up.  but perhaps who we honor is a family member or friend or we feel compelled to do so. What about honoring someone we have never met. Perhaps we have only read about them. perhaps something they did makes us sit up and take notice. Something that relates to our core values.

In my instance, I have chosen to try to honor Eve Carson from Athens Georgia. She was also the student body president of the University of North Carolina when she was taken from her family and friends. I also never met her and likely never would. Like most people, I wept (cried) when I heard about what happened to her. Even after six years my mind can not wrap around what she had to go through.

Is this why I try to honor her? Perhaps in some way. But I have also learned and truly believe I am intended to honor Eve Carson. Its the way its suppose to be.


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